Electroacupuncture diagnostics

Performed by Eve Heinmets60min 30€

The purpose of electropuncture diagnostics is to determine whether organs and organ systems are functioning normally, underload (hypoactivity) or overloaded (hyperactivity). 

Organs and organ system checkpoints on human fingers are used for diagnosis. 

A small electromagnetic pulse is applied to each control point associated with a particular organ and organ system through an electrode connected to the micro ammeter.

The organ or organ system associated with the checkpoint responds to the received pulse with an oscillation that is recorded by the apparatus.

Based on the registered data, we can find out about the function of the body's function. 

Maybe - how does our body work? It is possible to test the suitability of vitamins, supplements and medicines. (Medicines and supplements included with the client if desired.)


With the help of Volli diagnostics, it is possible to find out which substances are missing from the body, which vitamins would be suitable as well as the suitability of medicines and cosmetics for a given person.